Egg Basket
Egg Basket Egg Basket Egg Basket Egg Basket

A Basket for gathering all the small treats and treasures little ones’ find. Perfect for Easter and everyday after! Collect orchard fruits, store handmade toys or use as a your own summer handbag. Each basket is uniquely crafted and may vary slightly in size and color.

Traditionally made by a democratic collective of women in Mexico.  These baskets are made from hand-harvested local wood and tree bark and take a full day to produce each one. This area of Mexico is highly conscious of eco-friendly practices and working with organic, locally sourced materials, along with minimizing waste by recycling and composting. These baskets not only help provide a positive stream of income for this hardworking and industrious group, they also help to maintain traditions which have been practiced for thousands of years.

 W 9”x H 7" Opening 4.5” || Sizes may slightly vary as each one is made by hand