SS20 | Upcycled & Naturally Dyed

Our new batch of Mary Jane shoes have arrived in Women and Child sizes. This collection values sustainability and features an innovative fabric, earth friendly dyes and true artisan shoemakers.

Upcycled fabric

Our Canvas is made from 100% pre-consumer cotton waste. Scrap pieces are collected, ground back to fibers, re-spun into yarn and woven into a premium natural fabric. The process is chemical free and uses much less water and energy than standard textile production. The fibers and fabric remain all natural and biodegradable. The cotton waste left over after manufacturing is used as compost for local farms.  The entire process is innovative, circular and sustainable.

Plants Dyes & Artisan Makers

We sourced all natural plant based dyes to create these beautiful earth tones. The dying technique takes time and patience and is completely chemical free. Our skillful, traditional shoemakers work for fair wages.  The production takes place in a village outside of Guatemala city where many of these makers volunteer to clean up their local lake by removing trash and filtering the water from previous contamination. Our partnership allows extra time and funds to aid the remediation efforts.